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    Multi-select checkBox in advanced datagrid




      I have a requirtement like multi-select checkBox. when select the header checkBox , all the fields(columns) has to be selected and same as unselect.


      Please have any sample code, please share me.




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          Sebastien V. Level 3

          What you need to do is implement a custom header renderer containing a checkbox. On the click event on the checkbox, the renderer must access the Datagrid and select all / none of its dataprovider elements.


          You should be able to access the Datagrid from within the header renderer from its owner property.


          Smoething like that :


          public class SelectionHeaderRenderer extends VBox {
                    // Used CheckBox component
                    private var checkBox  :CheckBox;
                    public function SelectionHeaderRenderer() {
                         checkBox = new CheckBox();
                         addChild( checkBox );
                         checkBox.addEventListener( MouseEvent.CLICK , onClick );
                    private function onClick( event:MouseEvent ):void {
                         // The owner component is the parent DataGrid
                         var dataGridOwner  :DataGrid = DataGrid( owner );
                                  // SELECT YOUR ELEMENTS HERE


          with whatever selection logic you need to implement.