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    VST plugs & Crashes


      Okay, so I downloaded Premiere Elements and eagerly installed it. Expected some minor issues with vst plugs but nothing that couldn't be overcome. No such luck. Premiere gets stuck when the scan arrives at the ImageLine FL Studio 9 dll (Rewire, I suppose) and crashes immediately after giving some issues with Native Instruments before that. I run a quite extensive Virtual Studio with around 12Gig in the VST folder alone and changing this is not an option. (paths!)
      After contacting the technical help desk in Holland it is clear Premiere Elements offers no solution to this problem. And it seems so logical to have an opportunity to instruct Premiere NOT to scan for (additional) VST's or to exclude certain folders. Personally, I don't need my VST's in Pe. All the of the audio is already mixed when I start work on video.


      One solution I found is to move the VST folder to another partition when I decide to do some work on video. On the other hand: that's 12Gig everytime and it shouldn't be nescecary. Solutions anyone?
      Maybe Adobe would do well to check into this.