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    about the column display index of datagrid

      i need do a customize datagrid, but seems hard to save the display index of the grid column after the user drag and drop one column to another postion. What i need is catch the event after column drag and record that into database, and when reload based on the record , resort that column display index as saved before, how to get that
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          Sreenivas R Adobe Employee
          I am guessing that you want to retain the column order between different reloads of the app.

          The way I would do it is to just loop over the dg.columns array and save the dataField, headerText information to the database. On reloading use this info to populate the dg with columns built using this informaiton.
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            hezhixiang Level 1
            that was i already did before, now even the all columns and match datafied are dynamic, my question is
            when after render all columns , dray a column a from right to left , after that i can not catch that column display index
            in the grid view, the real index in columns of grid is still remain same , i want catch the dray column event and
            get the display index(not the index of columns, but the order which that column display in the view) and after reload
            , i can show those colomns in right order as saved before