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    PrE Timeline like PrPro (with separated Audio and Video Tracks)

    Adam Adamowicz Level 1

      I don't remember where was the question about PrPro-like Timeline but the solution is Here


      As You probably know in PrE You have always AUDIO next to the VIDEO tracks... always? Well NO!

      There is a way to add AUDIO and VIDEO separately or delete only AUDIO, or only VIDEO track.


      Choose menu [Timeline]->[Add Tracks] (or RMB on left panel of the Timeline)


      Step 1: Choose as many VIDEO Tracks as You need with "After Last Track" placement

      Set AUDIO to 0


      Step 2: Choose as many AUDIO Tracks as You need with "Before Last Track" placement

      Set VIDEO to 0




      If You want to delete a particular track You can do it.

      Be sure You have placed any content on tracks You want to leave.

      Choose menu [Timeline]->[Delete Empty Tracks] (or RMB on left panel of the Timeline)

      Track without any content will be deleted.



      It's good to have at least one track as VIDEO/AUDIO (linked) as a drop field, because in PrE You can't drop only VIDEO or only AUDIO to timeline.

      If You drop AUDIO/VIDEO source file to an VIDEO track PrE will add AUDIO track to it automatically.

      You can always ALT+LMB on AUDIO (or unlink), delete it, delete empty tracks if needed.



      You can rename Video, and Audio Tracks to fit PrPro-like layout.



      Unlink Video and Audio and Distribute to corresponding AUDIO and VIDEO tracks. (f.e. AUDIO 2 and VIDEO 2 tracks)

      You can link them again.



      Save this prepared empty file as your startup file. Than just copy it to a location of new project and start from it.

      It's good to name it f.e. STURTUP.prel_

      After You copy Your template file change name to MYPROJECT.prel (without "_")

      This "_" in extension will help to not open and remember to copy->rename->use.



      I don't think it's good to simulate PrPro Timeline layout in PrE, because it's not to comfortable to use PrE this way.

      But if You want You know the solution now.


      Any questions?