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    support for Windows 7 / Snow Leopard Mac OS X

    markerline Level 4

           I see in the compatibility table that Adobe has that Director is not supported under Windows 7 or Mac OS X Snow Leopard.  Will this compatibility issue change in the future?  Is Director being phased out in favor of other 3D authoring programs?

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          James Newton, ACP Level 3

          Adobe has not made any announcements on this point, as far as Director authoring or 64-bit operation is concerned.  An update to Shockwave is due in "a couple of weeks" (dixit Allen Partridge on 11 January) which "will provide support for OSX Snow Leopard" in 32-bit mode.


          For more information: http://www.directorforum.com/showthread.php?t=5921

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            Steveorevo Level 1

            I have a horrible memory leak using Director 11.x on Snow Leopard. Its with getNetText. No problem on Windows. Leaving it running in a loop for more then a few hours and the system becomes unstable. Worse, systems with 64bit EFI (why such low level issues even effect Lingo/JS) I get the dreaded Move = pathname.dir error. This sucks. This is my last rant.  I'll miss your timeline and such a fine product you were. Good for minimal prototyping or 'power point' like presentation (if you want to bother hassling your users to run Safari in 32 bit mode). Horrible to deliver a published product with. I'm writing an exporter to take my JS, Lingo and score to another language with cross platform that just works (probably RB with OpenGL support). Director, Goodbye!

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              Well, for me it's critical.

              In the education community, cross platform is more than a nice-to-have, it's beyond important. If Shockwave isn't available on the standard Mac setup it's useless. If the Director IDE isn't being actively developed for the current OS it's not a dependable thing to predicate a development programme on.

              We had this for a while with Rosetta / Firefox / OSX and after a fraught period of fighting with clients using Safari native for everything else and Firefox with Shockwave in Rosetta, everyone just gave up and we had to drop Mac support.

              Director 11 / Shockwave on Macs was the only chance we have of staying with Director at all. To find that we are left high and dry with no solution again after six months of usable time in 10.5 is criminal on Adobe's part.

              The shockwave install on PCs is bad enough ... it's only saved because of the MSI version.

              When OS X first came out, Safari was the problem browser, at least Firefox / Rosetta / Shockwave was 90% dependable. Now Firefox / Shockwave is 100% undependable and all we have is Safari / Shockwave which is at best 90% dependable. To find that Adobe have taken that away is unbelievable.

              Get your act together guys. Adobe appear to be killing Director as a product without admitting to it.

              You can kill it by saying you are killing it, or you can kill it by starvation. At least owning up and saying you are stopping development would give us a clear path, we could cut our losses and make a decision on what to do next.

              Giving a little bit of encouragement and then taking away all hope repeatedly is a very immoral thing to do.

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