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    Application Region?


      Hi, I'm quite new to Captivate and have just started using version 4. I have a requirement to build a demonstration based on a UI within a browser window. I've created a new Software Simulation project and specified "Application" under the record tab, my browser window as the target and "Application Region" as the Snap Recording value. I'm then able to snap to the region of the browser window without problem and record away. If I end that recording session to make changes to the slides and then record again, the "Application Region" snap function no longer seems to work meaning I have to manually move the window to the required postion which often doesn't match up to the other slides. Am I doing something wrong here of have I missed a step? Any help would be much appreciated. Many Thanks

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          bert777 Level 1

          From the lack of responses, I assume this is a bug in the product?

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            I tried this out for you, but forgot to post, sorry. Remembered setting is the dimensions of the application region you captured already in the movie, but indeed CP doesn't remember the right place for this region. Somehow there will be some reason for this, but if you consider this to be a bug, feel free to post a bug request. The link to the request form is in the main page of these CP-forums.


            Sorry again,



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              kmbcollie Level 1

              Must be - I had the same issue in Captivate 6... I have a version 7 on a different machine and didnt see the same issue replicated.


              Anyone have a solution for captivate 6?

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                Hi there


                I don't personally think this is a flaw or bug in Captivate. When you record initially you have certain options for choosing that recording area. Basically, you are choosing the size. But when adding more slides you are making an assumption that the same size will be used.


                I've often used a freeware application named "Sizer" to aid in placing windows. You can get it here:




                What you can do is configure your browser to the size that works for what you want the client area to be. Then you can have Sizer note the dimensions of that area and you can create a preset that will size it back exactly at that size and position. Now you will note the client area you need to record. I would then use something like Windows Notepad. Open it up and place it to precisely cover the client area. Have Sizer record that data.


                In practice, you would then open Notepad and your browser. Tell Sizer to position the browser. Then have it position Notepad. Then tell Captivate to choose the Notepad window. That should "set" the recording area precisely. At that point you can close Notepad and contiue with recording.


                Hope this helps a bit... Rick

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                  kmbcollie Level 1

                  In captivate 6, I simply had an application region that I chose... pretty standard and then played around with recording size.  I recorded for a minute to test... the right side gets cut off and the mouse doesnt follow.... pretty horrible...


                  I did the same thing in captivate 7 without changing a thing and it was a perfect fit.