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    Function in myfuncs.as not firing

    eholz1 Level 1
      Hello Forum members,
      I am suffering thinking - broken, etc.
      I have an include file, "myfuncs.as" where I have written some functions.
      some run, some do not(?).

      I have a function like this in the include file:

      function ShowObjects(show:Boolean) {
      //these are objex on my timeline - a dynamic text field and a rectangle as a movie clip
      start_cart_txt._visible = show;
      rectangle_mc._visible = show;
      // also tried a trace statement...

      the idea is to be able to call the function from an "actions" layer on my main timeline and show or hide these two objects.

      In frame 1 of my main timeline I write the following:


      What am I doing wrong...??
      Yes, I could write the function in the actions layer - but I am trying to move code to a *.as file.

      thanks for a good resource and forum,