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    MenuBar atop HTML content clipping issue

      i'm trying to create a web site having 2 sections. The top section is an ever-present flex application, containing a MenuBar. The bottom section is content; some flex, some DHTML. I expect the MenuBar to extend beyond the flex application's boundaries. It does not. It realizes it is being clipped, and tries to display from the bottom up. Is my design even possible? No amount of twiddling with clipContent works. I've tried frames, divs, and iframes.
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          matthew horn Level 3
          If the Menubar is defined in the Flex app then it cannot appear outside of the boundaries of the Flex app. It sounds like you'll need a third piece that covers both the Flex app and the bottom section. The two Flex apps can interoperate through a LocalConnection.

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            ktm30188 Level 1
            Same results when I invert the problem. That is to say, I created a drop-down menu in javascript. Beneath the menu's div I inserted a flex app. The drop-down content gets clipped at the flex app's drawing region. Major bummer. The reason I am trying to mix flex and html is because I'm looking for ways to shore up an existing site. I don't think the 2 mix per my requirements. Too bad...