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    Have image open in separate window


      I am a bit of a beginner to Flash and found a template online to use for my website. One issue I am having is that an image with a link is opening in the main window and I want it to open in a separate window. I am going to attach the code as it is now. Can someone tell me what I need to add or change to make the url link open in a separate window? Thanks in advance!


      If you want to see the site and where the issue is, go to: http://www.marketingstrategiesnow.com and click on "main page" It is the "web" images that I am talking about. I really need them to open in a separate window when you click on the image. The action code is below:



      onClipEvent (load) {


      loadMovie(_root.url+imageProperties['name'], this.cont.pic);

      loadMovie(_root.url+imageProperties['name'], this.cont.pic1);


      targetWindow = imageProperties['target'];