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    How do you use Event to pass data to sub application?

    ZenForHire Level 1

      Hi All,


      I'm unable to cast the event to the exact class that was sent.
      Event class really doesn't have a place to store custom data object for sub app to extract.

      We have no control over legacy SWFs that main app will load. Similar to portlets?

      MainApp.mxml fragments


      <!-- automatic load if in mxml -->
      <mx:SWFLoader id="testApp"
              width="100%" height="100%"


      var dynamicEvent: DynamicEvent = new DynamicEvent( LoadCaptureEvent.LOAD_CAPTURE_TYPE );
      dynamicEvent.capture = new CaptureModel();
      testApp.swfBridge.dispatchEvent( dynamicEvent );


      TestAppWithPlayback.mxml fragments


              public function applicationComplete() : void
                 trace( "applicationComplete" );
                 var manager:ISystemManager = this.systemManager;
                      captureEventHandler );
              public function captureEventHandler( event: Event ) : void
                  trace( "captureEventHandler" );



      What I've done to try to solve it:
      Test case where Events are successfully reaching the sub application.
      Flex Builder debugger shows the correct class of event was in handler
      I understand that the sent Event listeners are not strongly typed.
      I've read the Marshall Plan.
      I looked at Alex's powerpoint presentation.
      I've tried the SWFBridgeEvent with same casting problem.