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    Problems compiling Flex application

    Crypto Death

      I'm trying to compile a Flex application here but i'm getting a hell lot of errors:


      C:\STG\displays\RankingDisplay.as(47): col: 30 Error: Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant: Tween.

      C:\STG\displays\NameEntryDisplay.as(25): col: 26 Error: Definition fl.motion.easing:Bounce could not be found.

      C:\STG\utils\BitmapDataUtils.as(49): col: 4 Error: Access of undefined property MatrixTransformer.


      And lot's of others... I'm using the following command-line to compile:


      mxmlc ./src/MyProject.as


      I have the latest Flex SDK. What might be wrong?