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    Document-specific print preferences for easy desktop printing?


      I have high quality tri-fold brochures (in PDF format) that I want to send to reviewers.  They need to print and review the documents as an end customer will get them (e.g. folded), which is difficult to experience onscreen.  I don't want to have to give my reviewers long, complicated steps to get the print settings and driver options correct in order to get right output from their desktop printer.  Most of my geographically-scattered reviewers are printing on high-end HP inkjet printers with auto duplexers and will use special tri-fold brochure paper when they print.


      I have two questions...


      Q1: Is there a way I can embed the print preferences directly into the PDF file and Adobe Reader (or acrobat) will use them?  Or, can I somehow attach a JDF file with the printing preferences?


      There aren't a lot of settings, but all of the clicks and instructions to be sure reviewers get things right is a bit more challenging...


      Scaling: None

      Two-sided: Yes

      Print quality: Normal or Best

      ...perhaps a few others...



      Q2:  Also, if I post the files for review on a website, can I create a link that will print what I want them to get with a single click?  What's the syntax to print a PDF without opening it in Reader first?


      Something like this...


      Brochure ABC Title     View     Print


      ... where the 'view' link opens the document in Reader and the 'print' link launches a pring job.


      Any help or pointers would be much appreciated.  References to examples where someone has done this (or similar) would also be quite useful.  Thanks all!


      - PDFnewb