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    Complete sound loss upon PC Save to MPEG.


      I'm using Sony Handycam video files as my source; I get the sound fine when working on them, since I'm breaking approx. 30 minute clips into two parts for Facebook upload, and timing is important.


      Everything is golden, I save the files...(I used share => Personal Computer => Mpeg)


      And when I go to playback to verify they're alright, no sound.


      I'm currently attempting an windows media player save, but it looks like that's going to take over an hour to save.


      Can anyone enlighten me on what I can do to preserve the sound when I save?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Can you be more specific about the camcorder this video is coming from? Is it tape-based, hi-def, hard drive or a DVD camcorder? That alone makes a huge difference.


          Second, you might not be able to tell if your clip will play right or not with Windows Media Player. Even if everything is okay with your output, Media Player may not have the codecs to play the sound or video. You'd be better off testing it with the DVD player software on your computer.


          And finally, if you're planning to post your video to Facebook, MPEG is probably not the best format to use anyway. A WMV or an MOV Quicktime file would be much better for posting online.


          So, if you get good results with the WMV you're now outputting, that could be your best solution anyway.

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            ClockworkDragon Level 1

            It's the kind that records onto a mini DVD; I don't have the equipment handy at the moment, since it's at the church where these videos were recorded. I just bring the discs home.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              With loss of Audio on Export/Share, it's often just a checkbox, or two, not being set properly.


              One must choose both Audio & Video for the Export. One must also set the Multiplexing. Unfortunately, the Multiplexing is often set to None, and if one does not check the Multiplexing tab for the settings, they will miss this, and even though they checked both Audio & Video, if Multiplexing is set to None, there will be NO Audio in the resulting file.


              I would meticulously check ALL of the Export/Share settings and ALL tabs to make sure that ALL are set correctly.


              Good luck, and please let us know all of the settings that were chosen, especially the Multiplexing setting.



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                ClockworkDragon Level 1

                Thanks, to both of you. The Windows Media file had the sound it should, so  I'm guessing you were correct that WMP just didn't have the codec for the file as exported.  It's a fraction of the size, too, so that works better all around. Thanks for the speedy, accurate help!