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    Creating a new title template from a .psd file


      We weren't happy with any of the lower thirds that Premiere had for us, so I got one of the people in my office to create a lower third that would look nicer, but now I've just got this .psd image that I don't seem to be able to get into title form.


      Its just an image of a thought bubble that says "science tips" and then a darly shaded rectangle with blue text inside of it, but when I try to import the .psd image as a logo in the titler screen it comes up with the thought bubble very washed out and see through ( the thought bubble is white on the inside in the .psd file) and the darkly shaded area doesn't show up at all.


      I fell this may be a photoshop error on my part as likely as anything else,  but mostly, I'm wondering if bringing it in as a logo is the right way to go?