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    can't import into flash on my mac


      ok so ive converted a bunch of files into .flv but i cant seem to import them into flash. when i go to the import menu there is no import video option just open external library. after i've open external library it wants to open "all formats" but everything is greyed out. if I change it to "all files" I can open them but they wont play in the .swf file. any suggestions?

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          Robert Reinhardt Level 2

          Do you need to embed your FLV file(s) into the Flash document? It's better practice to load them externally at runtime. The FLVPlayback component that ships with Flash CS3/CS4 makes it relatively easier to play an FLV file at runtime.


          If you need them embedded on the timeline, when you import the FLV files, do they show up in the library panel? When you drag them from the library panel to the stage, does the timeline expand to match their duration?





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