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    Hiding and showing columns in a datagrid (column width problem)

    Ansury Level 3

      This is a Flex SDK 2 issue so I'm not sure if it reproduces w/SDK 3, BUT I'm hoping someone may have an easy solution out there for what I'm seeing.


      When I toggle (using "visible" on each column) some columns to visible=false and then make them visible again, each time it's toggled the columns being hidden are resized smaller when they re-appear.  I have an explicit width set for each column.  I'm guessing that the columns that are always shown are having their width re-calculated to be larger, but the widths are not being set back to the original size when the other columns are make visible again.  I've also tried using minWidth on all the columns to keep them a minimum size, but still see the same problem.


      Anyone have any easy ideas for a fix?