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    Externalized .xml text in SWF?




      I have created a flash presentation (pretty simple), with action script that calls in the text from an XML file. This allows text edits (or translation) to occure outside of the flash environment. We simply translate the .xml file, the updated or translated text automatically populates when the .swf file is opened. This is great! However the .xml file must remain in the same file system directory as the .swf file or there will be no text when the .swf is opened. Generally this would not be a problem. But we would like to have the .swf file uploaded to the website as a standalone piece. Does anyone know how to keep the externalized text but somehow keep the .xml file as part of the .swf packedge?



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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          those are inconsistant aims.


          you want to have the text editable without having to edit your swf but, you also want the text to be incorporated into your swf?

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            CStone1983 Level 1

            The text is editable as an .xml file. The problem happens when we upload the .swf to the internet then .xml file does not travel with it. I was playing around with creating a library containing both the .swf and .xml file but I am not having any luck.


            So there is no way to have the .xml file saved as part of the .swf once translations occure and there will no longer need to be any text edits.

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              you must not understand something.


              if you did save your xml file as part of your swf, how would you edit that xml in the future, if you wanted to make changes?

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                CStone1983 Level 1

                We would have several deliverables as part of the released document including the editable xml text file and original .swf file. However we need a deliverable that can be posted and distributed as a stand alone piece (.swf).


                The text should not be editable once the document is released, we do not want our customers editing the .xml file. Which if it is distributed as is they can do whatever they want to the .xml file.

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                  kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  then hard-code the text in your swf. or, if you want xml in your swf, use the xml class to create xml in your swf.

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                    Well I understand you probably just want to somehow publish them together but you cant. What I don't understand is why can't you just upload the xml to the same folder as the swf on the server? Just have them located together anywhere and however your presenting them, have the user pull up the swf. Just link that to them. They don't have to open the xml or even see it at all. They definitely can't edit it, it's on your server. The only other way is to hardcode the xml instead of externally linking them like kglad mentioned. If your not getting the answer you want, then it just depends on how your presenting this to them. Do you have hosting and server space or are you trying to upload the swf on some random website. If you have server space, upload them together. and if you just don't want to upload two files, FTP it instead of their the hosts filemanager. Anyway, good luck