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    Captivate 4 - audio editing issue (distortion heard once published)


      Hi -- I am working on a 17 minute movie with audio on each page (total project size about 60mb).  I recorded the audio outside of Captivate and imported the .wav files (for some reason the .mp3s sounded too tinny).  When I started the project in November I had no problem editing the files (removing sighs/pauses, inserting silences) and adding to the slides. 


      For some reason in December I started running into issues.  I would go to edit a sound file on a slide, it sounded good when played back, but when I previewed or published the sound file I just edited it would have a layer of sound on top of it making it distorted.  Also, I no longer have the ability to add silence at the beginning and end of the audio file (which I was able to do in November).  I add it in edit mode, can see/hear the pause but when I save and close out those beginning and end silences disappear.


      I just got final feedback and was making adjustments on two slides but the same thing happened.  The audio files I edited would sound distorted when played back in swf form.  The only way to save the project was for me to open an old archived version, export that audio, re-import to my production project and it worked fine.  But I cannot edit it in Captivate.  If I do, the distortion gets added.


      I am publishing as audio quality: MP3, 96kpbs, 44.10 KHz.


      Any thoughts?  I like to edit directly in Captivate and don't want to have to do the extra step of editing the audio in another application.