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    Links to external files broke upgrading to RH8.0

    R Getter

      Our Online Help files have always had links to other documentation pdf files that get installed with the product software.

      These files have NOT resided in the same directory as the WebHelp output, but have been in a predictable location.


      When the product is installed the Webhelp files reside in C:\Company\WebHelp and the PDF files we need

      to link to reside in C:\Company\Documentation. Before RH8, the links were coded as:


      <a href="file://C:/Company/Documentation/filename.pdf">


      After we upgraded, these links seem fine in the project and look the same if we view the source of the

      generated .htm files, but when we actually try to click on the hypertext link in the Help output,

      it does not seem to be doing anything. There is no error message and nothing opens. We have tried

      to copy the shortcut, and see that it is looking for file:///C:/Company/Documentation/filename.pdf


      I thought that the added "/" might be the issue, but I can copy that address into the browser and it

      will resolve. So, now we are at a loss to know how to solve the problem. The link in the html looks

      like it is properly coded, but it never opens. Is this something that is defined in one of those whdata


      I have a manager breathing down my back asking why it used to work but does not now that we