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    Illustrator files from China & output issues

    Rebekkah Angel Level 1

      I just need to bounce this off of someone - we received several files (40 in fact) from China for Wal Mart -


      My Rip would not accept the pdf files created from these Illustrator files.


      They were created in Ilustrator CS4 in China and opened in Illustrator CS4 (here in the US) and saved as a PDF per my specs


      The input would fail just at the point that color information was being gleaned from the file -


      We sent these files to Screen and they ripped them and sent them back to me (they used a newer workflow) - these files went through fine -


      Today I asked our client to send one of the original files and all linked images (they were embedded in the ai files I had received originally so I couldn't dig in and get any onfo)


      When looking at the images (photoshop eps files that opened in mac preview with a double click - however, when opened in Photoshop there were guidelines drawn so I feel it began as a photoshop file) used in the file, they all had Japan Color 2001 Coated color profiles -


      Now my question is this - is it at all possible for that to have hindered the ripping of these pdfs?


      PDF's that would not rip were opened in Pitstop and flattened, "preflighted" and repaired all errors in an attempt to get them to go over - final preflight in acrobat 9 & pitstop indicated there were no problems -


      any ideas? Is there a software incompatibility going on here?

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          Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

          Did you try to simply use the flatten transparency preview feature in 9 to flatten the transparency and outline the text there and select your color profile as well.


          Or to set your printer settings in Distiller and distill the file before ripping

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            Rebekkah Angel Level 1

            The PDF files I sent to my Rip were flattened and optimized - all other files (including one I made myself from CS4) have gone through without a problem - but not these from China -


            I don't flatten in Acrobat 9 - I use pitstop extreme - acrobat 9 does not flatten the same way & leaves stiching lines - all files are created using the same standard distiller settings, whether from InDesign, Illustrator or eps/ps files - I even experimented with that and not one PDF I generated from those files would go through, no matter what I did to it -


            I am certain that it is not a PDF version issue - but rather something in the original file that is causing the file to fail - I am wondering if there is some preference that would differ from the Japanese version of Illustrator to the US version that would cause the files to fail that way -


            Step two is to completely recreate this latest file myself from scratch using my own version of CS4 and see if the problem is eliminated -


            I appreciate your thoughts - this is one of those things that needs to be tossed around - maybe an answer will emerge.


            Oh yes, the text was already outlined in the original file - so there were no fonts to contend with

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              Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

              I have an dea that someties work to solve probems that are not easy to pin down.


              One is to copy and paste into a new empty document and resave (using a save as and overwriting the origina) close and open.


              Theother is to place the document in a new empty document and doing a save as closing and then open again.

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                Rebekkah Angel Level 1

                That was one of the first things we tried - we created a new document and copied only what was actually printing to a new artboard and created a new file altogether - it still would not create a usable PDF


                That was what led me to wonder if the images had problems - the Japan color profile & all -


                I haven't had time to analyze it or experiment with it further -


                so, we have sent an original file to Screen and they are going to analyze it to see if they can determine what may be the problem -


                As soon as I hear back, I will update the thread - my gut tells me there is just something wrong with the file - maybe even a plug-in that I don't have or some feature that is too new for my rip (which is in the process of being upgraded - yay!) that can't be eliminated by optimizing.


                Suggestions are still welcome - if I haven't tried it, I will.

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                  Rebekkah Angel Level 1

                  I know that this thread is pretty old but as the OP I wanted to provide an update.


                  We finally discovered what the problem was - however, we still don't know exactly why unless it is because our workflow is so old.


                  I ended up splitting the file in question into several files by color. Fortunately many of the colors were overprinting each other so trapping was not an issue.


                  All colors went through just fine except ONE.


                  I opened that file back up in Illustrator and simply changed the swatch color to a different spot and guess what - it went through just fine.


                  I assume that there was something about the original swatch that Trueflow gagged on.


                  Coincidentally, my old boss called me that same week with a problem he had getting an Illustrator file to process in his Harlequin rip - turns out that the issue was similar - a pattern swatch in the file was preventing the file from ripping.


                  I know it's a little late - but should anyone come across a similar issue the swatches may be the problem, particularly if your rip is an older one - as you know, we don't all have the luxury of having the latest and greatest equipment to work with, particularly with the economy being what it has been.