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    Camera Raw 4_3_1,  images not opening


      After a photo shoot yesterday our photographer suggested I download Camera Raw_4_3_1 so we could load his camera settings when adjusting the files in raw format. I tried doing that today and when I opened Bridge CS3/Browse, the Camera Raw optionis no longer available. Instead there's something called " Test in Device Central".

      When I double-click any file to open, it says the file type is not recognized by PS.

      Can anyone help?





      MacBook Pro

      OS 10.4.11


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          Jeff Schewe Level 5

          Te last current Camera Raw for Photoshop/Bridge CS3 was version 4.6. That's what you want assuming that the raw file is actually supported by ACR 4.6 and since you don't mention the camera the raw file is from, we can't confirm that...

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            deb2010 Level 1

            Jeff -


            Thanks for you response. I have sent our photographer an e-mail asking for his camera info and will post when I hear back.

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              deb2010 Level 1

              Here is the camera info:


              Canon 1Ds Mk 2 generating Canon RAW files w/ the suffix of .CR2

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                deb2010 Level 1

                Hi Jeff -


                From the additional info I sent does it look like I should have downloaded 4.6? Our photographer has 4.3.1 so that was the link he sent me and the one I dowloaded and installed.

                The printer on this job wanted the raw files yesterday, but I can't open them to evaluate.

                This AM I tried draging and dropping the old plug-in (which worked fine) back to the Adobe / CS3 folder (the folder it was originally in no longer exists), but no luck. PS still tells me it does not recognize this type of file (raw). I'm in a mild state of panic!

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                  Since you have Photoshop CS3, Camera Raw 4.6 is the version that you want to have installed.  There is no need to install a previous version, because 4.6 will be backward compatible and will support all the cameras that were supported in previous versions.


                  Camera Raw must be installed in precisely the folder specified in the installation instructions.  It cannot be put anywhere else, and there must only be the one plug-in.  You cannot store other versions in subfolders.  If you try that, it will make it so that you can not edit your raw images in Camera Raw.


                  The message you are receiving is expected when camera raw is missing, or is a version that does not recognize the camera model that produced the raw images.  From what you have indicated, my suspicions are that Camera Raw is not installed correctly.


                  Is there a possibility that the photographer chose the sRaw format?  This is a compressed raw format, and it is my understanding that some versions of Camera Raw cannot work with these images.  I'm not a Canon user, so I can not provide you with any more detail.
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                    I have CS3 and down loaded Camera Raw.plugin ( Camera Raw 4.6). I still cannot open in CS3. It says that photoshop doesnt not recognize the file type. I read the instructions on the adobe site (see below), but I do not have the folder Plug-ins. (see red txt below). What I am doing wrong, or what do i need to have to open Camera Raw? Thanks.



                    To install with Adobe Creative Suite 3 or Photoshop CS3:

                    Automated installation on Mac or Windows®:

                    1. Select "Updates..." from the Help menu
                    2. Follow the on-screen dialogs to download and install the latest available Camera Raw update

                    Manual installation on Mac:

                    1. Exit Photoshop CS3 and Adobe Bridge.
                    2. Open the Finder.
                    3. Navigate to the root of the local disk (not the user's home folder).
                    4. Navigate to:
                    (Please read directory carefully)

                    Library/Application Support/Adobe/Plug-Ins/CS3/File Formats

                    5. Move the existing plug-in to another location (for example, a new folder on your desktop). Ensure you keep this version in case you need to revert back.
                    6. Copy the Camera Raw plug-in,
                    Camera Raw, from the download into the same folder as in Step 4.
                    7. Launch Photoshop CS3 or Adobe Bridge.

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                      ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      What does Photoshop / Help / About Plugs... / Camera RAW show as the version, or is Camera RAW not listed?