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    Real-time effects no longer available after re-install


      I recently blanked my entire system in order to re-install everything clean.  Since then, things that used to work no longer do. I have installed Premiere Pro 1.5.1 + the Matrox RT.X100 Tools, Build 6122.  I've removed the card and installed, un-installed and re-installed twice.  I'm sure I'm doing it correctly.  This is not a hardware compatability issue, as this system has been editing fine for over a year.  Here's what's going wrong...


      1.  First of all, I cannot drag a simple Premiere Cross-Dissolve into the timeline without creating a red area above the effect (meaning the effect needs to be rendered).  That was never the case in the past...Premiere always allowed a real-time dissolve effect.

      2.  When I drag over a Matrox effect (any kind of effect..transition, blur, whatever), it won't appear on the timeline.  That is, I drag it to the spot where I want to apply it and let go, but the effect is not there.  Effects will not "stick" to the timeline nor to clips in the timeline.


      Any clues?  Thanks.