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    latest nightly build create new component possible bug?

    cyber0897 Level 1

      hey guys... so i updated my flash builder to the latest nightlly build... and one of the things i discovered is that the "halo" namespace has been changed to "mx"


      I was wondering why when i create a new component the halo namespace apprears instead of the mx? do i just have to change that namespace manually??

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          David_F57 Level 5



          When you create projects, modules, components etc the headers are generated from template wizards, for instance I changed the project template so new porjects never have minwidth and minheight in their declaration.


          this is the project template - by removing ${min_size} I don't get those painful minwidth/minheight values



          <${application} ${xmlns}${wizard_attributes}${min_size}>





          I may be wrong but I think the variables are embedded in flashbuilder which means that ${xmlns} would be wrong for the new sdk but that doesn't stop you replacing the variable with the actual text you want to appear.