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    Adobe writer opening as default instead of reader


      Hi All,


      I have recently installed a copy of Adobe Writer onto my machine that already had an installation of Adobe Reader 9.0 on it. The reason for the old writer was to be able modify existing PDF's and the latest copy the company has liscence for.


      I now have a problem of all the links on the web trying to automatically open with Adobe Writer, and as an old version will not open. I have to save a copy to the computer and then open with reader from there. Very frustrating.


      I have made sure that in my Windows explorer options that Adobe reader is default for opening all PDF file types and have always perform this action ticked but for some reason explorer still continues to try and open the links in the writer. This then leads to an error saying that you need to be opeing document in reader 8.0 or later.


      Does anyone know of a fix, without un installing the writer?