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    Adobe Reader 9, Snap Shot Tool - Printing Questions

    emattoadobe Level 1

      I am looking for help using the snapshot tool and printing from a large size page. Specifically, I get .pdf drawings that are 24X36" (or larger) and since I don't have a large printer at home, like poster or blue print size,


      I am using the snapshot tool to "span" a single page on to 8.5 X 11 sheets of paper.  After selecting and printing, I tape the printed pages together to re-assemble a hard copy.  I am able to select the area I want to print, from the Print pop up window, I use Print Range and select the radio button for Selected Graphic area, the problem is, every time I use the snap shot select tool, the selected area is never the same % size, therefore when I try to tape the two sides together, the lines don't line up well because each select of say the left and then the right side of the page are at a different % selection.


      Is there a solution, work around or setting that will lock the selection to accomplish this?


      This is using Adobe Reader version 9, not using Adobe Professional.