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    After Effects CS4 & Wacom Showstopper bug.

    Victor Wolansky Level 1

      Hi! For more than one year I've being feeling that my machine was the slowest machine on Earth, so I spent a good deal of money on a new HP Z800 with a Quadro FX 5800 and 24GB of RAM with windows 7 64 and a set of SSD raid that gives me over 700MB per second, after install After Effects CS4 and try it, was awesome, such a good response and super fast, but.... after finish installing all the rest, AE was slow like on my previous 4 years old machine.....   so something was wrong. To make the story short, was the Wacom driver, if I turn it off, all goes back to normal, turn it on and all goes slow, so far I was able to reproduce it on 7 machines, Win XP, Win XP 64, Vista 64, and Win 7 64, the all show the same problem, and all the machines are different. And the problem can be reproduced very easily. I've made a video showing how to reproduce it. This problem render the Wacom with AE as a non viable option for anyone. I've noticed this since about 12 months ago, but never thought is was a hardware / driver problem. Just thought AE was excruciatingly slow.


      Here is the video




      Hope Adobe and Wacon recognize this problem and fix it as fast as possible,