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    counterclockwise fps

      I am by no means a flash guru. I downloaded a rotating globe (free) from http://www.adriantnt.net/flash_files/. It is perfect for what I need on my friends web site. When he saw it (he knows more than a thing or two), he called me on a technical issue that the globe is rotating in the wrong direction. Apparently this is an important issue with him so I told him that this shouldn't be a problem. I thought all that was needed was to change 30 fps to -30 fps, but flash won't allow that. When I try, the following pop-up message appears: 'Please enter a number between 0.01 and 120.00'. Any suggestions on how to reverse the rotation? Am using CS3. Thank you in advance for your time!
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          you can play the timeline in reverse, if that's timeline animation.
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            EasyE Level 1
            If by 'in reverse' you mean having the arrows point toward the left instead of the right, I made my best attempt at doing that, but failed. I wasn't even sure that was possible. If there is a mini tutorial somewhere, a recommendation would be helpful - In the meantime, I will look around. On the properties bar, the following are set as: Tween : Motion | Rotate : Auto. Thanks again!
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              EasyE Level 1
              I figured it out and if anyone wants to know how, this is it:
              Select all the frames on the timeline, right click, and select Reverse frames from the menu that appears. Ta Da!