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    The times are changiing

    Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
      Hi all

      For anyone participating here, if you use these forums as I do, you never see the main forums page listing all the available forums. A major change will occur next week that you all need to know about. So anyone interested, you should read the page at this link in preparation.

      The look and feel will be similar, but I'm sure it will be very awkward for a while.

      Cheers... Rick
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Thanks for this Rick. I for one was unaware of the change. Glad to hear that Adobe have listened to the user feedback though.
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            Does this mean that I'll be able to see all RH and Captivate forums with new messages highlighted? Because the current setup forces me to either jump into RH and make all Captivate forums "read" when I visit or jump into Captivate and make all RH forums "read" when I visit.
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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Hi Chet

              I really wish I had an answer for you. Basically, I was aware a couple of months back that some changes were coming, but unaware until a couple of days ago that they were coming so soon. As soon as I found out the changes were being implemented next week, I figured I'd better alert the masses, because if you are looking at the forums like I am, you don't go through that main forums page. You just go directly into the RoboHelp or Captivate forums.

              Personally, all my messages are delivered to me by E-mail as each post occurs. This is why I have two different monikers. Captiv8r and RoboWizard. I found out early on that it was all or nothing with Email. If I set it up for RoboHelp posts and went to the Captivate forums and set it up, I stopped getting RoboHelp messages. When I went back to RoboHelp to set it up I stopped getting Captivate messages. It was nuts.

              So I'll be learning along with the rest of you on this! One thing I do like and hope they don't change, is that I can insert images that sit elsewhere. This means that I can post example screenshots and whatnot. That's cool. I think the way we create links needs a lot of work and is a step backward, but with any change is a trade off!

              Cheers all... Rick