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      Was wondering if anyone could help me please. New'ish to Flash so may be missing something here.


      On my website http://www.jazconsultancy.co.uk I have a real problem (as far as I'm concerend) with the Flash areas. It may be nothing and you may think it is okay as it is, if so please let me know. But, when the page opens, until the Flash has loaded a box with a white border and a little 'x' appears in the left hand corner.

      Now I have all my Flash updates and on a fast broadband speed and it does this on my computers. It also does this on clients pc's and this I would like to sort if I can???


      On http://www.jazconsultancy.co.uk that slideshow is one I have made using Flash. It has 3 images that loop. I can take a preloader from Fireworks and insert into frame1, my slideshow starts in frame2 but the preloader shows again at the beginning each time the slideshow loops, can I stop this?? (this question is also on another post).


      Also on http://www.jazconsultancy.co.uk/WebDesign.htm this is a different type of slideshow. This has no time line, as such. I use an app in Flash called Slideshow Pro, the construction is made in Flash but the images and slideshow is soured for Slideshow Pro when online. When I try and add a preloader to this in frame1 the swf go's mad and Flash shuts down.


      So any ideas on the above? I am no expert so not into loads of script and code ;-) If the box with the white border that appears until the Flash appears could be colored or got rid of then I could live with that ;-) Or is what 'you' see not that big a deal and worth bothering with?


      Many thanks, for your thoughts in advance. P