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    Installing LiveCycle Data Services ES2 v.3



      I have installed the LiveCycle Data Services ES2 v.3 for Windows, but unfortunately can’t localize the Flash Builder Application Modeler plug-in. In installation  instructions here http://help.adobe.com/en_US/LiveCycleDataServicesES/3.0/Installing/lcds30_install.html
      they say:

      The Modeler is a tool for creating and editing Adobe application modeling technology models. It consists of a set of Eclipse plug-ins in the Adobe_Application_Modeling_plugin_v100.zip file that you install into a stand-alone Flash Builder installation or an Eclipse installation that contains the Flash Builder plug-in installation.

      The Modeler is available in the plugins directory on the LiveCycle Data Services 3 DVD and on the adobe.com site.
      Stand-alone Flash Builder
      1.Unzip the Adobe_Application_Modeling_plugin_v100.zip file into the flash_builder_root/plugins directory. If your unzip program is set up to use folder names, unzip directly to the flash_builder_root directory.
      2.Start or restart Flash Builder.

      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------

      But where is that plugin? It’s missing in the lcds installation directory.

      Thank You.