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    MP3 player in AS2


      Good day guys,


      I have managed to put together an MP3 player in flash and have a working progress bar and duration counter. However, I now need to add a frame before it with a button to go to the next frame to then play the player.. (hard to understand I know, but bare with me). I have included my two .fla project files with this post. One shows the system working perfectly with the onLoad function. The second, shows what I require - a button leading in to the player - whilst the music plays, pauses and stops perfectly in this project file, I cannot for the life of me get the progress bar or duration counter to work.


      If some one could take a look at the files for me and come back to me that would be HUGELY apprecaited.


      Thank you very much.


      Kind regards,


      Christopher Waywell