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    How out of date is Fireworks MX?


      I am newbie, recently completed classroom in DW and PS CS4.  I want to use FW to do page design and set  off

      to teach myself.  Adobe on-line tutorials have some value,  but I really want more depth to understand the how, and why

      not just the sequence of keyboard and mouse commands.  I finally found a book that is giving me the type of information
      that I want, but it is written for Fireworks MX.  Assuming that I am not trying to learn keyboard strokes, but rather concepts,

      how far wrong will I be if I use this book to gain an understanding of FW concepts, file handling, etc.  The title of the book

      is "Using Macromedia Fireworks MX" by Jeffrey Bardzell.  I have CS4 version of the software. Thanks!

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          pixlor Level 4

          I think you'll be okay.


          The program has had upgrades since MX but - in general - the interface is the same. The philosophy of how you would use the progam is certainly the same. A couple of items I can think of that are different: the Text Editor was removed for CS4 (a number of people were annoyed at that, it's a useful function) and MX has a different term than Image Preview (um...Export Preview?). There will be some differences in details like that.


          Go ahead and work through the book. If you get stuck anywhere, post here. Someone will usually try to answer, if possible.

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            Jim_Babbage Level 4

            Fireworks MX, Fireworks MX04, FIreworks MX08, Fireworks 8, Fireworks CS3, and now CS4. I'm pretty sure that's the chain on versions.


            There will probably be some workflow techniques in the text which are no longer considered best practice. Chances are good some panels have been changed, removed or renamed. Avoid at all costs anything to do with the Fireworks pop up menus. New workflows introduced in CS3 or CS4 won't be covered, either.


            Jim Babbage

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              JoyceEvans Level 3

              The basic functions have not changed that much. The Pen too, rubber stamp, slic

              ing, optimizing, using masks, cropping, magic wand tool etc. The Optimize panel works the same as well as Layers and Styles. All the basics of what you need to know are still very similar.  The Tools panel is about the same (panel on left).


              As mentioned "don't use Pop

              -up menu feature". The biggest change I think is the addition of the Pages panel which is a great help in making client mockups. But it can be done in version MX (without linking pages) using the Frames panel (now called States). As mentioned, write here if you get stuck.

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                I'm a nube myself.  But I can tell you I saw a "Fireworks MX for Dummies" book at a local discount store tonight.   I looked at the copyright and it said 2002.  I was curious because I'm taking a class in Internet Multimedia in which we'll use Fireworks 8 some.  So IMHO, you might want to get something more up to date.  But I really don't know any of the differences between versions.

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                  bikeman01 Level 1

                  Embrace and learn Fireworks it is so much better for web page design than Photoshop and was designed from the outset for this task.


                  Seasoned print designers will push you towards Photoshop but I can give you three reasons why you should learn to use Fireworks:


                  1. FW is designed for the web from the ground up - it has every tool that a web designer uses daily and seamlessly lets you work in both vectors and bitmaps without thinking about it with pixel perfect placement.


                  2. The clue is in the name, Photoshop; it was designed for bitmap photo manipulation, it's complexity is not easy to master and much of what it can do is just not required by web designers.


                  3. Adobe is repositioning FW as a prototyping tool - as the demands of clients gets more and more complex it will become increasingly common for creative directors and clients to demand ever more complex prototypes and thus demand that their designers prototype in Fireworks. Why recreate the design in Photoshop, just move straight from FW to DW.


                  To answer your question much has changed with Fireworks between mx and cs3 (sorry I don't use cs4) but it is still fundamentally the same application so everything you learn in mx will be valid in cs3 even down to exactly the same menus.

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                    jms1017 Level 1

                    Thanks for the encouraging words.  As I sit here struggling thru trying to

                    get a relatively simple web site up, it was nice to hear the my struggles

                    will pay off