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    Flash CS4 ACE exam by Pearson VUE


      I just took the exam yesterday and failed I ran into one question which I can't find an answer for. Can someone please help me.

      The question is: What do you need to have for a Motion Tween?


      A) 1 Keyframe B) 2 Keyframes


      Now I did not know how to answer this because Technically you can have one key frame blue wih a motion tween on it; however,

      you need two keyframes to move an object btween to postions.


      Can anybody sheds some light?





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          Robert Reinhardt Level 2

          Yeah, that's sort of a trick question, because it depends on how exactly you define a keyframe, and which kind of motion tween you use (

          "new" Flash CS4 motion tween, or a "classic" motion tween). Classic motion tweens definitely require two "manual" keyframes: one for the start, and one for the end. The new tweening model in Flash CS4 only requires to make one "manual" keyframe and other "auto" keyframes are added as you move the object in the tween around on the stage. My gut tells me the answer on the exam should be two.





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            nagyordog Level 1



            How about these questions. They also baffled me.


            Question: What kind of file can you import that is resolution independent (meaning you can enlarge without distortion)?

            {Well this is a no brainer to any graphic designer VECTOR GRAPHIC; however, here were my choices.}


            A) .eps
            B) gif
            C) jepg
            D) TIFF


            Well eps is the only one that CAN POSSIBLY be harboring a vector graphic within it but not necessarily, PROBLEM 1. The others are all bitmap
            so they don't work. Here is problem number 2 according to your help guides and examaids .eps is not a format that can be imported into Flash.
            So how do I answer this?


            Question: What is the property called when you rotate with the transform tool.


            A) Rotation X
            B) Rotation Y
            C) Rotation Z
            D) rotation


            Well I don't know how to answer this question. In the properties window its rotate; however, in the motion Editor it is Rotation Z.



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              nagyordog Level 1

              Ok just took the test and failed again.


              I need help with a couple questions which I can't find an answer to.


              1) Which static asset will help preform flash performance.

              A) Vector

              B) Bitmap


              I know you can turn on Cache as bitmap for "Complex Animation" but a Simple vector as a static asset would be smaller as a bitmap I think?


              2) Where is it best to optimize bitmap settings?

              A) Outside of Flash

              B) Inside of Flash with the publish setting jepg slider.


              3) Which vector files and be imported into flash? Can't really find much on this. I know Ai files can be imported but they may

              not be all vector.


              More to come later. I think I am going to loose my mind. These questions are so ambigous it's not funny.

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                nagyordog Level 1

                Does anybody have an aswer to this question?


                You want to re-skin a Button component. The new skin needs to be lightweight and should scale.
                Which type of image assets best fits these criteria?


                A) Bitmap

                B) Vector.dd

                C) Video

                D) ASCII


                If anybod has an aswer it would really help.

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                  Robert Reinhardt Level 2

                  EPS is the answer here--what you've said is true, that EPS can house bitmap graphics, but of the choices available, it is the correct answer.


                  RE: rotation question, the simple "rotation" property is the one manipulated by the Free Transform tool. If the question just says "transform tool", then that is a bit ambiguous, but if it meant the "3D Rotation Tool", I'm sure it would specify its name more explicitly.





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                    Robert Reinhardt Level 2

                    RE: Flash performance, that's a tricky question too. My gut would saw that a bitmap would help performance in terms of CPU usage, specifically with an animation, but for filesize optimization, vector is preferred. What did you answer to this question?


                    RE: optimize bitmap settings, my gut tells me outside of Flash, because the Publish settings' global JPEG compression setting slider is hardly the best way to optimize your bitmap graphics in a Flash SWF.



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                      carl schooff Level 3

                      all i can say is that I have passed the flash ace and re-cert tests 3 times. they are the most poorly written tests I have ever taken. i highly doubt they were written by anyone that can claim english as their primary language. I have used flash for 10 years for all manner of projects from banners to sites to data-driven apps and most of the questions have no basis in any sort of "real-world" flash usage. Furthermore, they often use terms that conflict with the documentation or simply don't exist.


                      If I wrote the test it would look like this:


                      When importing from inDesign:

                      a) choose import as eps

                      b) use the XFL format

                      c) beat the person who gave you the file over the head with a brick