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    Problems printing PDF with offline printers after closing Adobe Reader (next character printed)

    mario cerrato

      Hi all,

      I have a strange problem. Printing a PDF file after closing Adobe Reader cause that instead of the right character, the document contains alwais the next character.

      For example, if the PDF document contains the word DOG, in the printed document I find the word EPH.

      So instead of the right character (D), there's the next one (E), and so on.

      This happens when I close Adobe Reader before print the document.

      These are the actions to try:

      1) Remove USB cable of the printer

      2) Print the document on that printer

      3) Close Adobe Reader

      4) Plug USB cable


      The document will be like I explained before.


      I have Adobe Reader 9.2.0 with Windows XP, but it seems to happens even with other versions.


      Can someone help me to fix the problem, or has some solutions?


      Thanks for all the comments.