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    VerticalScrollPosition in TileList


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      I have a tilelist wher I display lots of images. I can perform operations such as drag and drop on the list, and this fires a remotecall which updates the model and in turn this causes the list to redraw - this used to set the scroll back to 0. So I now save the scroll pos before firing the remote call, and in the tilelist's updateComplete event, I check for the scroll position and set verticalScrollPosition accordingly. This works great. I also have a separate panel where I can see various properties and can apply these to the image in the cell. This follows the same process as above. Save the scroll position, fire the remote call, retrieve the updated model data, and force redraw of list. Although I can see the scroll position being checked and set via debugs, it always goes back to 0 in this scenario. Would anyone be able to advise what I may be doing wrong?