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    Work Area


      Hopefully there is a simple answer to this question.

      I'm using Premiere CS4, dual monitor.

      HOW can I make it so that when I click and hold to move Premiere.....the rest of the windows move with it??.  I'm getting tired of having to minimize Premiere to get at another program or window.



      oh...one othere question.....in the timeline....how can I simply adjust the audio or video length seperate from the other.  I have tried unchecking the "link" icon, but both audio and video still move together.

      Thanks for any help.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          1. ??? What do you mean?


          2. Not possible.

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            Jeff Bellune Level 5
            1. I don't understand what you're talking about.
            2. Alt+Click either the audio or video portion to select just that portion, then trim the selected portion.



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              MrMatthewT Level 1

              1.  I mean, if I am working in Prem and want to move the program aside to do som

              ething else, I would like all the windows within Prem. to move....not just the background window.  At pres

              ent the preview monitor, timeline, tools audio mon. etc.

              all stay put on the desk top.


              2. Not possible?....This was a simple thing in 6.5, and a neccessary procedure in most vids.
              Perhaps I was misunderstood.  Picture this.....you have placed a clip on the timeline ( with audio ). you have placed another clip up beside it.  You want the audio from the second clip to come in while first vid clip is still up.  I want to shorten the audio on first clip.
              In 6.5 you could simply "unlink" the audio from the associated vid., and do what you want with it independant of the vid.

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                MrMatthewT Level 1

                Jeff...thank you very much for that....exactly what I needed to do!

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                  Jeff Bellune Level 5

                  Have you turned all of your panels into floating panels?  If so, just dock them again and they'll move with the main app window.



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                    Harm Millaard Level 7

                    Still works like that, just select the audio track, not the video track after unlinking. Then you can shorten the audio as you wish.

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                      MrMatthewT Level 1

                      Well t

                      hat's just the thing Harm...it wont work like that...had me stumped until Jeff mentioned the Alt click method.

                      Now...about the work are.............

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                        MrMatthewT Level 1

                        Jeff.......I would like to have them avaialbe to move around WITHIN



                        ...which brings up another question...sorry for being all over the place.....is there a way to have clips come up in their own preview window so I can view more than one clip at once?

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                          Jeff Bellune Level 5

                          I would like to have them avaialbe to move around WITHIN Prem.


                          You can, to some degree.  Just drag a docked panel to another frame.  Or to an edge to create a new frame.  Or float it temporarily.


                          As for your other question, the answer is no.



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                            MrMatthewT Level 1

                            OK, thanks...will play around some more to figure it out.


                            "As for your other question, the answer is no.




                            Wow....one more weakness in prem Pro.
                            I must say, I enjoyed 6.5 far more

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                              Harm Millaard Level 7
                              Wow....one more weakness in prem Pro.
                              I must say, I enjoyed 6.5 far more


                              What prevents you from sticking with it?

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                                MrMatthewT Level 1

                                New machine...Vista loaded, company already pu

                                rchased CS4.  Trust me, I would much rather stick with 6.5, however, they will soo

                                n be taking my old machine away

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                                  MrMatthewT Level 1

                                  OK...thanks for help so far, but I am stuck with my original issue.


                                  When I first started with Pre. CS4 I undocked all my windows so I could resize and move them around etc.  I saved this as my workspace.  This is when I found that floating windows did not move wh

                                  en I moved the main prproj window.


                                  I have read the help file on docking etc. with no results.


                                  I cannot "re-dock" my windows it seems.  I cannot drag one to the other and have them "group" or what ever the term was.


                                  As long as I can have my Bin, clip preview, timeline, tools, effects all visible, and all move when I move Premiere....I'll be happy.

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                                    Harm Millaard Level 7

                                    Reset your workspace to a defaultsetting, like editing and modify from there to suit your needs,

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                                      shooternz Level 6

                                      What is so difficult about minimising an application?


                                      Alt - Drag /Click to manage audio /video separately has been part of PPro for a long time.


                                      BTW - I am also fairly certain that it is possible to open a clip in a separate window. I am not near my machine at the moment  but think its an option / preference.

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                                        MrMatthewT Level 1

                                        OK thanks


                                        Just tried all available choices.  There is actually no "default" workspace avaialbe.  I don't want to delete the workspace I have saved ( untitled workspace ), for fear of messing up existing project.
                                        If I drag a window to another window as stated in the help file they don't "dock"

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                                          Jeff Bellune Level 5

                                          Did you try dragging the tab instead of the window frame?



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                                            MrMatthewT Level 1

                                            Thanks for the tip


                                            I do not always want to "minimize" Premiere.....I never have it full screen anyway.  Perhaps I want to look at something else for a sec, or look at what folder I need to save to etc.  Simpley being able to move the whole window, you would think, should be a simple task.

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                                              MrMatthewT Level 1

                                              OK Jeff that worked, thanks ( I was indeed grabbing the window )....but I don't want them as tabs ( having to click the ta

                                              b to see it) I want both windows visible.

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                                                Jeff Bellune Level 5

                                                What you need to do is go to Window | Workspace and choose any workspace

                                                that you're not currently using.  Create a new workspace and give it a

                                                unique name like "My Docked Panels".


                                                Close all of the frames so that you're left with a blank app window.  Go

                                                to the Window menu again and pick a panel from the list that you want to

                                                be part of this workspace.  Then pick another panel.  Arrange the 2

                                                panels how you want.  Then pick a 3rd panel and add it to the workspace

                                                in a way that suits your plan.  Repeat this process until you have all

                                                the panels you want showing, floating or tabbed.  Save the workspace (by

                                                using the New Workspace command again, and giving the new workspace the

                                                same name you chose before).


                                                If that doesn't get you what you want, then you'll have to alter your

                                                expectations, because that's how the Pr workspace...works.



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                                                  MrMatthewT Level 1

                                                  ok....some progress here Jeff.

                                                  Did as you suggested.

                                                  I now have the windows I want visible all grouped, or docked together.....fine.
                                                  They are all now within one window which is within the main prpoj window.

                                                  ....but still.....If I move the main window, all my docked windows stand still and do not move with the main.  ( back to orig issues ).

                                                  ( thanks for the patience btw )

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                                                    Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                    With the workspace defined, have you now tried switching between workspaces as an alternative to dragging?  Use the keyboard shortcuts.

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                                                      MrMatthewT Level 1

                                                      By switching between workspaces, are you meaning the other windows I am running in the background?

                                                      I'm just having trouble understanding why the main prpoj window is even there.  If it's just a place for the file, edit, project etc. menus, then surely those could be docked elsewhere.

                                                      I simply want to move Premiere to the side occasionally to get at a window beneath it etc.  At present, to do this I need to move two windows; the prproj window and my grouped/docked workspace.

                                                      Sure, I can 'minimize' Premiere.....but I shouldn't have to, it's a needless step.

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                                                        Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                        I am referring to Premiere workspaces.  In CS3, they are Window->Workspace.


                                                        I access them using keyboard shortcuts (Alt-Shift-8 etc).  For example, I have a workspace for audio editing, so I don't have to set it up each time.  If you have a workspace defined "on the side," you can use that to shift.


                                                        You can get some odd effects when moving some arrangements (e.g. empty timelines).  For your purpose, I don't see that minimizing is any more an extra step than moving the window, but I'm all for you doing your workflow your way.

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                                                          MrMatthewT Level 1

                                                          Thanks for the input Stan.


                                                          But I'd simply like to just move Premiere where I like.
                                                          What I've decided to do is just shrink the prproj window so just the menu is visible.  This was I can simply move my grouped work area where I like ( now that I've learned how to group them )

                                                          However, I think it's a very poor design, on the part of Adobe, to not have the entire program move with a click and drag.

                                                          ( come to think of it....I believe PS is the same way )
                                                          Hopefully they correct this weakness in 5

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                                                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                            I am still having difficulty trying to figure out where you are having issues. I have PrPro set up on dual 21" monitors. My Panels are spread out, as I want, with some docked, while others float. I have my main Pane slightly smaller than my Desktop, so that I can see my Taskbar, and also parts of the lower row of program icons. All of the remaining Panels are in this Pane, and when I move it, they follow. Obviously, those in the second monitor do not, as they are floating, or are docked in floating Panes.


                                                            I can easily launch my Adobe programs, or several others (that lower row in my Desktop layout), and can access the Taskbar, if I have already launched some other programs.


                                                            My workspaces are all set to a similar configuration, and their use just depends on whether I am doing Audio, Effects, or some other common editing task.


                                                            I think that you have made all of your Panels floating, whether they are on monitor 1, or monitor 2. Do not float the ones that are in the main program Pane, and they WILL move with it. You might want to go to Workspaces and start back with the default. Then, customize the Panels in the Panes that you need, and Save_As_Custom_Workspace. Works fine for me, but maybe I am just missing something important here.


                                                            Good luck,



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                                                              MrMatthewT Level 1


                                                              My windows were indeed floating initialy.  Now that they are "docked" they are one large floating pane within Prem.  How does one "un-float"?

                                                              Not sure how else I can put it other than my previous description..  When I move my main program pane ( I previously called it the prproj window )

                                                              I want everything to move...easy peasy.

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                                                                the_wine_snob Level 9
                                                                How does one "un-float"?


                                                                If you Click on and drag the title bar of the Panel, as you approach other panels, or move within a Pane, there is a "ghosted" diagram that will appear. This tells you that you are about to Dock with that Pane, or with another Panel. If you are navigating amongst several other Panels, this display can seem to flicker, but it's just showing you the possibilities.


                                                                Good luck, and hope that this helps. Again, if you've done a lot of docking and un-docking, it just might be easier to start over again from the default Workspace.




                                                                [Edit] Forgot to mention that you want to Click-drag on the little "knurled" area of the Title Bar. Sorry.

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                                                                  jdmack01 Level 1

                                                                  A quick addendum to Jeff's answer about adjusting video and audio clips lengths independently.


                                                                  After you unlink an audio and video clip, they're still both selected.  You have to click somewhere on the timeline window to deselect them (or perhaps there's a keyboard shortcut), then you can adjust the audio or video length independently.  This was likely your original problem.


                                                                  J. D.

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                                                                    MrMatthewT Level 1


                                                                    Yes, sorry...I'm being miss-understood.

                                                                    I have all the panels I want docked now.  I dragged and used the "ghosted" areas to drop the panels into, as you mention....all fine and dandy.  I can move them around nicely as one.....but, again, my main window moves independantly of the docked panels....ie: they do not move with the main panel  ( I'm getting a headache now.)

                                                                    I did revert and start a new area from scratch.  This is how I now have my panels docked.  Still doesn't resolve the original issue however.

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                                                                      the_wine_snob Level 9
                                                                      my main window moves independantly of the docked panels....ie: they do not move with the main panel


                                                                      This is because they are independent and not docked to the Main Pane. That is why I suggested going back to Window>Workspaces>Default and starting over. On my laptop, I have arranged, but not undocked my Panels (like I have with many of the Panels on my dual-monitor workstation), and when I resize, or move the Main Pane (not Maximized), all moves and resizes to it. I can drag it, plus all the docked Panels nearly off the screen, revealing almost my full Desktop. I can resize it to almost nothing, and all docked Panels will resize to even smaller.


                                                                      On the workstation, this will happen just for the Panels that are still docked in my Main Pane, and does not affect the undocked Panels on the second monitor.


                                                                      You are almost there, but have independent Panes in the Main Pane. They will not resize, or move with the Main Pane, because they are not docked to it.


                                                                      Good luck,