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    Mr. Cavallo - Where are you?


      Kevin, I wa

      s wondering if you could help me out one more time.  It would be greatly appreciated, and I'd gladly make

      mention of you on our website if you like.  That form you helped me configure worked great.  However, I have 1 more form to complete and I tried, but had no luck in setting up the calculations.  I have a form, very similar to the first one, but this is for memberships in our not-for-profit organization.  I have created fields for the form filler and up to 5 other people to join as members.  What I want to do, is add to the "Total Amount" box $20 for the form filler and $20 (the cost of a membership) for each name input into the fields that I created.


      I have uploaded the form for you or anyone else to look at - I appreciate anyone's help in this matter.  We want to have the form up by Monday morning.  I am getting better at Live Cycle, but still have miles to go.  Any help is appreciated.  Thanks.