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    PE7 Any way to have DVD VOB 'loop' when you 'play all'




      I want to have my DVD VOB..   autorun (which it does) and loop..  which it does not.   Is there any way to create it in PE 7 to loop?


      I have found the  opendvd.pvm  xml file..  that may be where the loop command needs to be placed...     and maybe this needs to be done in a '2 step' job.


      create the VOB..  and associated files.. then update the opendvd.pvm file with the needed syntax (outside of PE7) and burn a second DVD.


      Other way is to do brute force..and repeat the scenes multiple times before buring the DVD VOB.. but that's pretty ugly.. but a 'choice'


      Any suggestions/ideas are appreciated...