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    Settings for larger, high quality Quicktime file

    4anue Level 1

      Hi Hunt and All,


      I read the recent thread on Poor Quality Quicktime file but couldn't translate his details to my situation so here goes:


      I need to create Quicktime file with highest quality at a size of 640x480.  I started with .mod files from a Canon FS100.  The original .mod's are 720x480 and i converted them to  same size .avi to edit.  All of my work is SD.   I added menu and saved the entire file as same size .mpg, which looks good, but the fulfillment pro working with me needs a larger size .mov.


      I'm using PE7 and the preset for QT on the Share menu is 320x240.   What settings do I use to increase size without sacrificing quality?  Switching codecs didn't appear to change the picture size...or perhaps it was just that i didn't go through enough codecs.


      Before coming to the forum, I did some research on the relationship between pixel size and quality and basically get the idea, but would appreciate instructions from the pros here so I can get it right the first time.