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    HHC5003: Error


      Hi all,

      I'm generating several layouts using conditional expressions (and RH8 HTML on Windows Vista). Whenever I compile a chm, I get lots of error messages of this type: "HHC5003: Error: Compilation failed while compiling images\image.png". In fact, there seems to be an error message for each image that is contained in a topic excluded from the compilation by a conditional tag.


      Is this normal behaviour? Why is RH even looking for the image if it is not compiling the topic that contains it?


      I also get this error message for each file that is defined as home page in the window definitions that the other layouts use (these files are also excluded by the conditional tags).


      Can anyone help?

      Thanks in advance!


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          TW_75 Level 1

          Is there no way to get rid of these messages? They clutter up the log files and make real problems hard to spot. (What I mean to say is, I'm not asking out of curiosity, these messages are a real issue for me.)


          Can someone confirm this is not just happening to me?

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            TW_75 Level 1

            In case this can help anyone, a colleague has suggested that I keep a log file that corresponds to a good generation (a reference log), and then whenever I generate, I do a diff between the reference log and the freshly generated log. This is clumsy as the reference log will require frequent updating, but it might help.


            I just had the case when I thought my chms were all good, but it turned out that some pictures were missing (RH had crashed and had lost file definitions for a folder without me noticing - some file definitions seem to be stored only in the cpd file, why, beats me). I didn't spot the problem in the swarm of HHC5003 errors in the log.

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              NL_Derek-56V59O Level 1

              I have seen the same problem. I tried to chase it but got nowhere, and since it wasn't affecting the final product I decided to live with it. It would be nice to get rid of the error messages though.


              --- Derek