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    AIR 1.5.3 Generates 1000+ threads on Windows and Crashes...


      I'm writing a fairly large AIR application that, at one point, begins creating threads over and over.The thread count will reach 1000+ before finally crashing.



      • This *only* crashes Windows 7 and Vista
      • The thread count on XP increases the same as Win7 and Vista; however, the application does not crash in XP
      • On a mac, the thread count barely makes it past 30, and obviously, does not crash.
      • When using ADL via flexbuilder, adl.exe's thread count only increases to around 200 or so (thus, no crash). This only occurs when the application is installed.


      This issue seems very closely related to garbage collection (due to the actual thread count being variable -- as well as the crash). I'd say the crash occurs 90% of the time and the other 10%, the thread count may only get to 900 or so, before dropping back down to 15 or so - this does *not* crash the application.


      This is a fairly serious matter from my company's perspective, and *any* feedback at all would be GREATLY appreciated.




      Matt Bolt


      Electrotank, Inc.