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    FlashBuilder compiler does not recognize source code changes.


      I have a strange problem with FlashBuilder beta 2. The compiler seem to get "stuck" and produce the same swf even when I change the source code.

      I have tried to clean the project. Throw away the files in the bin folder and recreate them. But this has no effect, FlashBuilder still produce the same old "stuck" swf.


      If I change the name of the main application file, the changes in source code are respected and I get fresh, new "correct" version of my swf.

      However, if I clean the project and then change the name of the main application file back again, FB produce the old incorrect version of the swf.


      It is not the browser or webserver that are using cached files. I have checked the produced swf files and they are binary identical. So the problem must be in FB.


      Can anyone of you help me?

      Does the compiler keep (partially) compiled files?

      If so - how do I "clean" the project manually?

      And why does not the normal Project > Clean work?


      All help is very appreciated.