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    Different width of TextField inside browser versus outside browser


      Hi all.

      I'm trying to build a fill-in-the-blanks excercise using flash.

      Suppose the excerise is:
      - I want to eat a bana_ 
      You have to fill in the word "na" of course.
      The _ would be the inputfield and I would like it to start right after the Textfield. To do this I use the TextField._width to calculate the position.
      I'm using embedded fonts with htmltext.

      Now I've found that sometimes, but not always, the position of the inputfields is off because the _width of the TextField does not seem correct.
      Also, the width of the Textfield is calculated differently by flash if it is inside a browser or outside of it.
      I think these problems might be related to eachother.

      It's hard to describe, but I hope my example will show the problem. Please try inside a browserwindow and outside of it and see the different _width.

      Does anyone have any idea why this is? Am I doing something wrong or is it a flash bug?