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    Moving to another frame as a result of the previous


      Hello again guys,


      Just another question - is it possible to go to another frame as a result of the previous one you came from. So for instance, I have some a picture displayed on frame 1 that I wish to keep referring to. So in frame 2 I create a button that goes back to frame 1, equally I do the same in frames 5 and 6, so there are 3 frames that return to frame 1. I then want frame 1 to return to each of the individual frames based on the one you have just come from. So for instance, I returned from frame 5 to frame 1, I then wish to return from frame 1 to frame 5 by pressing another button. The same button must then return you to frames 2 and 6 respectively based on which frame you just came from (2 back to 2 and 6 back to 6). Is this possible or am I barking up the wrong tree and am I going to have to make multiple frames with the same picture and changing the action script for the button?!