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    Flex certification

    glen08 Level 1
      Has anyone done this certification? Its value on the market and its difficulty?
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          Bryan Dresselhaus Level 1
          Also does anyone know when the certification will be out for Flex 3? I've only seen Flex 2.
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            Gregory Lafrance Level 6
            Flex 2 certification will continue to be offered until late autumn (or later) this year, then Flex 3 exam will come out.

            I studied pretty hard for the Flex 2 ACE exam and passed with a score of 77 (73 to pass) on April 24, 2008.

            It was tougher than I thought it would be, but that was primarily because I used a software product called Attest to prepare, and the practice exams in this software, while extremely useful, and no doubt contributed greatly to my success, were not as tough as the actual exam.

            Go through the entire FB2 help system (except for the programming AS and Flex 2 reference sections) once, reading all sections, and compiling each sample app.

            Then go through the FB2 help system again, and make 4x6 flash cards with the stuff you feel is not fairly well embedded in your brain. I created 400 cards, several questions on most cards, for a total of 1500 questions. I did not restudy them all, but went through them and pulled out the ones I thought would be most valuable based on the Attest practice exams. Then I studied those pretty hard.

            STUDY FLEX DATA SERVICES !!! When I actually took the exam, it started with a bunch of FDS questions, and I'm lucky I sudied it enough to answer a few and deduce a few more.

            I feel that going through the whole FB help system, and preparing for and passing the exam, is a great way to get a wide body of knowledge about Flex. Can't hurt in the market as well.
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              glen08 Level 1
              Thanks Greg.

              Does ACE stand for Adobe Certified Engineer?
              I read from Adobe website that it offers Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) and Adobe Certified Professional (ACP).
              I do not know where ACE belongs. Do you have the link for ACE for Flex?
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                Mike J. Potter
                Information about Flex certification is available from the Flex developer center:

                (Under right hand side next steps, "Become a certified Flex developer")

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                  glen08 Level 1
                  So "Adobe Certified Flex Developer" is ACP? Only one test. Don't we need to be ACA before ACP?
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                    Gregory Lafrance Level 6
                    "Adobe Certified Flex Developer" means you passed the ACE (Adobe Certified Expert) test. Only one test.
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                      glen08 Level 1
                      Do you mean passing only one test (Adobe Certified Flex Developer) can get you ACE even you were not an ACP and ACA? It sounds like a good deal.

                      I know to get OCM (Oracle Certified Master) you must be an OCA and OCP. Each takes at least one test, maybe plus an assignment or a class ...
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                        Gregory Lafrance Level 6
                        Adobe does not provide a crystal clear picture of exactly what certifications are available for each product. You can figure it out if you hit the right pages on Adobe's dev center, but basically for Flex here are your options:

                        - there is no ACP or ACA exam for Flex
                        - the ACE exam is the first level of certification
                        - the next (and only other) level is ACI (Adobe Certified Instructor), which most people do not need unless you will be offering training in Flex.

                        For developers, ACE is all there is.
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                          glen08 Level 1
                          Please check this link Mike provided:


                          It does say ACP for flex.
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                            Gregory Lafrance Level 6
                            I know. That's why it adds to the confusion. The exam prep guide has ACE in the title and in the header of the doc on each page. I believe this is the only Flex exam available.
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                              Michael Borbor Level 4
                              I think ACE stands for Adobe Certified Expert and it's just the way they call to anobody that has taken and pass an exam in Flex o CF for instance.