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    Printing different paper sizes per single document?


      I have two XP Pro systems, each with a USB-attached HP Laserjet P2015dn.


      The type of documents being worked with are PDF's with varying pages sizes within a single document.  So for example, a fax document that is sent to a fax server and then generated as a PDF may have a Letter sized page 1, and Legal-sized pages 2 and 3.


      It used to work a few weeks ago where we would just Print without having to change any options and it would automatically print any Letter-sized sheets as Letter and Legal-sized sheets as Legal.  Again, this is a single PDF file with different pages sizes within.


      Now all it does it print everything to Tray 2, the Letter-sized tray.


      I've been through all the printer settings, reinstalled printer drivers, used PCL5, PCL5e, etc and replicated the same troubleshooting steps on each version, no results.


      Also if we select just the page within this PDF that is a Legal sized page, go to Print andchoose to print Current Page, it still coems out Letter.


      If we open a MS Word document that is formatted as a Legal-sized document, it prints fine.


      So I'm not sure if this is Adobe Reader related or HP printing related.  Likely both, but does anybody have any thoughts?  I've updated Adobe Reder from an earlier 9.x to the latest, 9.3, no change at all.


      Thank you to anybody that ca help.