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    Issues after upgrade

    typpeo Level 1

      I know we are late to the party but we finally upgraded from CS3 to CS4.


      One of the first things I have been having problems with on my dual quad Mac is how much slower things are in CS4.  I've gone into the secret menu and made changes they mimic CS3 this solved slow render times but actually editing in the comp has been extremely painful.  What I'm having a problem with now is scrubbing.  It was originally extremely slow and chunky now it will only scrub audio and no video.  I've tried restarting but that didn't help, AE continues to only display the image after I stop scrubbing.


      Another issue I'm having is the Tap Shift option for the mini work-flow.  I used Shift Scrub to snap to keyframes and the end of clips, now every time I use shift, even when I'm pushing all the way down the little mini work-flow shows up.  I see no way to disable it, does anyone have any suggestions?



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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          First, make sure that you've updated to After Effects CS4 (9.0.2).


          Also, here's a post that is about avoiding some of the most common causes of poor performance.


          BTW, it would help a lot if you gave more details about your system: OS version, computer specs, et cetera.


          Regarding the Shift key, there's a preference in the text preferences file (Adobe After Effects 9.0 Prefs.txt) for setting the sensitivity of that key for opening the Composition Mini-flowchart.


          ModKey QuickTap Threshold (Seconds) is set to 0.2 seconds. You can increase or decrease this setting.


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            Victor Wolansky Level 1

            Are you by any chance using a Wacom tablet?

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              typpeo Level 1

              Thanks for all the help, I will try out the modkey setting.  Sort of an annoying feature.


              As for some of your questions, no Wacom tab and here is my Mac build.


              Mac OS X 10.5.8, running CS4


              2x3 Ghz quad core intel xeon


              3gb 800 mhx ddr2 ram


              Ram is being upgrade to 8 I beleive later this month but I never had any issues with CS3.  I will take a look at the tips.