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    PlayEvent - with and without the TemporalProxyElement


      I looked through the bug base and didn't see anything on this topic:


      I'm testing the way the PlayEvent works and have found a difference between

      using a SerialElement with and without the TemporalProxyElement.


      Test 1:  (standard SerialElement with 3 videos )

      video1:  evt.playState = playing

      video1:  evt.playState = stopped

      video2:  evt.playState = playing

      video2:  evt.playState = stopped

      video3:  evt.playState = playing

      video3:  evt.playState = stopped



      Test 2:  (standard SerialElement with 3 images using TemporalProxyElement )

      image1:  no event fired

      image2:  evt.playState = playing

      image3:  evt.playState = playing

      image3:  evt.playState = stopped


      My thinking these 2 tests should be identical. Is this correct or a bug?

      I don't see any dependable way of using the PlayEvent under these conditions.