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    LocalConnection between AS3 App into Loaded AS2

    Yozef0 Level 1

      So I have an app that loads an AS2 Compiled SWF into it.


      The Main App (AS3)



      // the SWFLoader loads the ChildSWF, and on (Event.COMPLETE, openLocalConn);
      private function openLocalConn(e:Event):void {
         my_send_lc = new LocalConnection();
         my_send_lc.send("ConnCountryList", "publicMethod", "jo");
         my_send_lc.addEventListener(StatusEvent.STATUS, onStatus);
      private function onStatus(event:StatusEvent):void {
         switch (event.level) {
           case "status":
              trace("**** LocalConnection.send() SUCCESS ****" + event.toString());
           case "error":
              trace("**** LocalConnection.send() FAILED ****");




      Loaded SWFChild (AS2)


      trace ("Loaded Child SWF");
      var getArray_lc : LocalConnection = new LocalConnection();
          getArray_lc.client = this;
      function publicMethod(jo:String) {



      So When I run the MainApp, The ChildSWF gets Loaded (traceout: Loaded Child SWF, it's calls the openLocalConn(), it Gives me another traceout: **** LocalConnection.send() SUCCESS ****,


      BUT I GET no traceout for the called publicMethod() in the ChildSWF in which I am supposed to see: Eureka