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    flash cs3 newbie help - setting up a clicktag


      I am just about to pull my hair out - please help as I don't have that much hair to pull out.


      I created a flash file in Flash CS3 and was told I need to add a click tag for an agency who want to keep track of the click throughs for the ad.


      I have created the invisible button layer and set up the 'hit' and tried and tried and tried to select the button and add some action script to it.

      (which I have seen three different codes to use)


      Each time I export it or publish it I get the error message: mouse events are permitted only for button insances on release. I have read and understand I need to assign the code to the button and not the frame but for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to do that.


      I select the button (which I have converted to a 'button') and F9 or left click to get the Actions panel and once I am there and try to use the '+' to add code, it automatically shows 'Current Select/Frame 1 in the left side of the Actions panel. I get that it is adding the code to the frame but how do I get it to add the code to the button???


      So my question is 1) how do I add the code to the button and not the frame and 2) what code should I use?


      Any and all help is GREATLY appreaciated!


      oops...forgot to add I am using AS2. Thanks!